16th Birthday Ideas

First 5 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. 37 Buy them a pack of condoms so they stay safe now that they're 16
  2. 19 Make them a collage album with your photos together and birthday wishes, decorating thematically.
  3. 18 16 balloons with a £10 note in each
  4. 15 Buy a necklace/ring with their birthstone in it
  5. 14 Buy them some personalised M&Ms
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First 5 16th Birthday Party Ideas

  1. 84 Hire a Party Bus
  2. 77 Have a UV paint party
  3. 29 Have a house party
  4. 25 Hold a fancy dress party for your birthday party and take lots of photos!
  5. 23 Get a polaroid or disposable camera for everyone to snap photos with.
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First 5 Things To Do For Your 16th Birthday

  1. 431 Have sex - it's legal for you to do so now (but be safe and maybe wait until the time is right)
  2. 242 Get a piercing
  3. 114 Meet and Greet with a celebrity
  4. 99 Go to a theme park with a group of friends
  5. 87 Go ape!
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