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16th Birthday Blog

  • 16th Birthday Grand Prix Simulator Party

    16th Birthday Grand Prix Simulator Party

    Turning 16 is a big deal, but with all of the age limits still in place until you turn 18, sometimes it may feel like there’s not an awful lot of fun things you can do for a great 16th....

  • Is a sweet 16th as important in the UK?

    Is a sweet 16th as important in the UK?

    Where America leads inevitably it’s only a matter of time before the UK (and the rest of Western civilisation) follows. Stateside, sixteenth birthdays are a huge affair often resulting in...

  • Personalised 16th Birthday Cards

    Personalised 16th Birthday Cards

    I was browsing the net earlier and found a great personalised birthday cards company called Scribbler. From just £2.99 you can pick from hundreds of birthday card templates and fully...

  • 16th Birthday Jewellery

    16th Birthday Jewellery

    If you are looking for 16th birthday jewellery then look no further than Lula Bula. Most online shops do not even stock anything remotely to do with 16th birthdays, but that is not the case here. You...

  • Seek Gifts - Gift Finder

    Seek Gifts - Gift Finder

    If you haven't already seen it, we recently launched a gift ideas website called 'Seek Gifts' which allows you to search for items by entering a few simple criteria into the powerful search...

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