16th Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. 37 Buy them a pack of condoms so they stay safe now that they're 16
  2. 19 Make them a collage album with your photos together and birthday wishes, decorating thematically.
  3. 18 16 balloons with a £10 note in each
  4. 15 Buy a necklace/ring with their birthstone in it
  5. 14 Buy them some personalised M&Ms
  6. 12 Give them a Money Bouquet
  7. 12 Create a scrapbook with 16 pictures of each year of their life
  8. 12 Pandora bracelet
  9. 11 Pretend you have forgotten it is their birthday and guide them in the direction of the room full of their presents and balloons
  10. 11 A collage of photos of you and them
  11. 11 Get a private plane to carry a happy birthday message in the sky
  12. 10 A charm bracelet
  13. 9 Make a 'This is your life' book and add photos/memories
  14. 9 Take them on holiday
  15. 9 Fill a box with presents and customise the lid
  16. 9 A personalised framed print of words/sentence of their favorite things they liked as a child.
  17. 6 Name a star after them
  18. 6 A video montage of memories together
  19. 5 Buy 16 lucky dips for the National Lottery
  20. 5 Get them a giant personalised cookie from Millie's Cookies
  21. 5 Make them 16 cupcakes each with a different letter spelling out a happy 16th message
  22. 4 A clue which has to be solved before each present gets opened. Each present contains the next clue.
  23. 4 A PS4 games console with a couple of games
  24. 4 A framed personalised photo of you and them together :-)
  25. 4 Give them money to spend on whatever they want!
  26. 4 Get them a basket full of presents of the same colour
  27. 4 Buy them a balloon and with their name on it
  28. 4 Make a website about them
  29. 4 Best Friend Rings
  30. 4 Buy a build-a-bear
  31. 4 Buy them a unique and personalised card from Moonpig
  32. 3 Get them a nice mobile phone or smartphone
  33. 3 Buy them an age birthday hat
  34. 3 Buy them personalised post it notes now they have important exams coming up!
  35. 3 Write 16 reasons you love them in a card
  36. 2 Give an iTunes gift voucher
  37. 2 Decorate a ceramic plate
  38. 2 A meaningful charm for Links Of London and Pandora bracelets that they can cherish forever
  39. 2 Write a novel about their life in 16 chapters
  40. 2 Buy them 16 scratch cards
  41. 2 A zombie shooting experience day ticket
  42. 2 Make them a 'home movie' with loads of pictures and videos of their on it
  43. 2 Buy them 'The Book Of Everyone'. A unique personalised book about their life!
  44. 2 Buy something cool that's not on the high street, from NotOnTheHighStreet.com
  45. 2 Make them a personalised cake
  46. 1 Get them an original newspaper from their date of birth
  47. 1 Search the webs finest gift search engine for gift ideas
  48. 1 A day in a recording studio for the budding singer
  49. 1 Get an Apple Watch
  50. 1 Load of retro and American imported sweets for the sweet tooth
  51. 0 An iPad
  52. 0 Buy your presents online

PLEASE NOTE: These ideas have been submitted by visitors of this website - they are not our direct recommendations.

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