16th Birthday Party Ideas

  1. 84 Hire a Party Bus
  2. 77 Have a UV paint party
  3. 29 Have a house party
  4. 25 Hold a fancy dress party for your birthday party and take lots of photos!
  5. 23 Get a polaroid or disposable camera for everyone to snap photos with.
  6. 22 Have a big birthday party for family and friends
  7. 19 Rent a bouncy castle and/or some sumo suits
  8. 18 Go indoor skydiving
  9. 17 Go camping! Grab as many mates as you can and hit the country hard!
  10. 17 Have a foam party with a bouncy castle and a BBQ
  11. 15 Host a Masquerade party
  12. 12 Hire a limo to take you and your friends to your destination
  13. 12 Find 16 embarrassing photos of when they were younger, enlarge them and stick them up somewhere every one can see
  14. 11 Have a beach party with a bbq, music and maybe some cheeky volleyball
  15. 11 Go on a murder mystery night
  16. 9 Use twinkle lights to decorate meal area
  17. 9 Have a garden party
  18. 9 Go to The O2 with your closest friends to see your favourite band
  19. 8 Have a few large tubs of retro pic 'n' mix for people to nibble at
  20. 8 Have a pool party
  21. 8 Have a hot tub party
  22. 8 Rent out an apartment for your party
  23. 8 Have a sleepover with your friends
  24. 7 Go to or host a roller skating disco
  25. 7 Get a team together and go to your nearest Laser Tag venue
  26. 7 Hire a soft play centre (if anywhere will let you!)
  27. 7 Go shopping for the day with your close girlfriends!
  28. 6 Have a karaoke party
  29. 6 Have a bonfire with your friends if the weather is right!
  30. 6 Rent a Party Canal Boat
  31. 6 Have a quiet gathering to celebrate
  32. 6 Have a disney themed party
  33. 5 Hire a marquee to host your party
  34. 5 Have a specific themed party and give everyone a character to dress as on their invitation
  35. 5 Organise a treasure hunt around London
  36. 5 Have a neon themed party
  37. 5 Organise a limousine to their favourite restaurant
  38. 5 Play adult pass the parcel - Put rude/joke gifts inside
  39. 5 Put up a 60's themed party
  40. 5 Have a huge sleepover
  41. 5 Have a holi festival type party/ a powder paint fight
  42. 5 Horse Riding Party
  43. 4 Get a barbecue going if the weathers nice!
  44. 4 Have a prom party with a posh dinner and dance
  45. 4 Get a Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut Express or another local Pizza takeaway
  46. 4 Go to a concert with your mates
  47. 4 Have a Luau (Hawaiian themed) party
  48. 4 Paint an old throne looking chair in gold and get everyone to take photos in it at the party
  49. 4 Have dinner with Family and Friends in a restaurant.
  50. 4 Hire an ice cream van to attend the party venue
  51. 4 Hire the exclusive use of an ice rink for your party venue
  52. 4 Visit a theme park such as Alton Towers, Chessington, Thorpe Park or Drayton Manor
  53. 4 Organize a fancy Barbie themed party (The birthday girl as Barbie, and her boyfriend as Ken)
  54. 4 Have a bonfire with friends (just remember to do ask permission from the land owner)
  55. 4 Make a pinata with old newspapers, flour, water and a balloon. Fill it with sweets or anything you want.
  56. 4 Have a marvel theme party
  57. 4 Play strip poker
  58. 4 Have a go at the new craze that is Geocaching. Just download the free app, gather some friends and go on a Geocaching adventure!
  59. 3 Get a local takeway meal delivered
  60. 3 Have a quiet night in with the other half
  61. 3 Hire a leisure centre swimming pool (if you find one that allows this)
  62. 3 Put up a tent in the garden, have a sleepover in it and do americanised activities like making smore's
  63. 3 Have a mask party, where everyone dresses in fancy dress and wears masks
  64. 3 Go on a Segway trip with mates
  65. 3 Have a game of real life cluedo where you pretend a friend is the victim and you are suspects. You all have to solve the 'murder' by hunting for clues around the house. Each person has some knowledge of the whereabouts of suspects at the time of the murder but no one knows everything.
  66. 2 Have a revision party (did someone really suggest this?!)
  67. 2 Have an Indian themed ball
  68. 1 Inflatable sumo suit wrestling

PLEASE NOTE: These ideas have been submitted by visitors of this website - they are not our direct recommendations.

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